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Simple Washer Maintenance Tips for Homeowners to Try

Washing machines are built to last for years, however, there are a few washer maintenance tips which could help extend the life of an appliance. Among the most important tips is to keep it level at all times and replace the fill hoses every few years. To avoid premature failure, the machine should never be overloaded. Another important tip is to clean the exterior in addition to the dispensers, at least once every month. 

A maintenance wash needs to be done periodically in order to prevent mold growth. Good washing machine maintenance needs to start the second the appliance is installed. These machines are quite heavy and must be leveled properly before they are used. The front legs can be adjusted, once this is done, the appliance should be tipped forward so the rear legs can automatically adjust themselves. The level of the washer should then be checked and readjusted periodically to ensure the correct operation.

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Periodic inspection and replacement of damaged fill hoses is another important part of washer maintenance. Because these hoses are made of rubber, they will often deteriorate and burst. Most manufacturers recommend replacing these after five years or so to prevent any leaks. The metal ends of these hoses will often rust and leak too. So it is a good idea to inspect these for any signs of wear at every year.

Washing machine maintenance can often include changing usage habits. It is important to not use a washer when it is overloaded. These machines do spin at great speeds in order to remove excess water. An underloaded one will allow the contents to shift to one side, which can cause damaging out-of-balance conditions. However, overloading will place too much strain on the motor and transmission.

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