Common Symptoms That Call for a Microwave Oven Repair Service Specialist

Signs of Damaged Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is one of the most used household appliances. Its functions are designed to meet the needs of a busy household. Because of its possibility to be repaired, there will be no need for replacement. You can restore its function and prevent further consequences. This appliance repair can save you a lot of money, so you should be wise enough to call a professional microwave oven repair contractor. Here are the signs of damage to your microwave oven. Read on to know more about them:


Your oven might be overheating if it responds slowly to the button you press. What else is a sign of high temperature is excessive sounds. Its interior might be scorching or smoking. In short, you’ll have to contact a professional microwave repair contractor to fix it.

Capacitor Damage

Do you know what the capacitor is? It is a device that discharges electrical energy when it overcharges. Unfortunately, it can also malfunction and lead to damage to your microwave oven. It could be as simple as leaking or as complicated as a complete failure. The only way to see if it is damaged is by checking if the microwave oven no longer works.

No Heating

When the microwave oven does not heat, the food may not be cooked. You may need to check the power cable for any burns. The heating element may have been accidentally turned on, or the switch may have been accidentally pressed. This will cause the heating element to work harder than usual.

Bad Odor

There is a chance that something has gone wrong with the ventilation system. If you smell an unusual or unpleasant odor coming from the appliance, don’t ignore it. It can cause health problems, among others. Some fallen plastic pieces may cause the problem.

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