What Are the Signs It’s Time for Refrigerator Repairs?

Don’t Let the Cold Bother You

Your refrigerator is a crucial appliance for your home. It’s designed to efficiently maintain the temperature and humidity levels needed to keep food fresh. With regular and proper maintenance, your refrigerator can last for many years. However, this appliance is a complicated piece of machinery. There’s always a risk that the refrigerator could develop various issues and eventually become nonfunctional- this is especially important if your family is still young and expanding. Below are the top three signs that tell you it’s time to book professional and timely refrigerator repairs!

Your refrigerator doesn’t cool

Did you know that the refrigerator’s cooling performance greatly depends on the temperature and humidity levels? If it takes a long time for the refrigerator to cool down, then the odds are that it’s not able to maintain the ideal temperature. This could be because the coils, the insulation, or the thermostat are damaged. You should also check if there’s something blocking the ventilation system such as a piece of food and see if there’s a problem with the airflow. Another issue that you should look out for is the evaporator coil. It’s the small part that’s located on the back of the refrigerator that absorbs moisture and cools your stored food with heat. If it’s damaged, this will cause the refrigerator’s temperature to become unpredictable.

Your refrigerator doesn’t stay cold

If your refrigerator doesn’t maintain the temperature that you want, then you should check if your thermostat is functional. If it is, then you can either adjust the setting to get the desired temperature or, you can replace the thermostat with a newer model. If the thermostat is the problem, then you should also replace the cooling coils, the insulation, and the system’s ventilation fan. If your refrigerator has a poorly designed interior cabinet, then the cooling system can become damaged.

Your refrigerator leaks

If your refrigerator leaks, then the most common places for this are the door seal and the seal between the door and the refrigerator. There are also other less likely places such as the freezer door gasket, the evaporator coil gasket, and the condenser fan. If you smell a strange odor, call in the experts.

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